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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

more levees breached along mississippi.

The Mississippi River burst through levees in Illinois on Wednesday and threatened towns in Missouri. The breaks about 45 miles south of Gulfport flooded farmland near the hamlet of Meyer and south of there in the Indian Graves levee district, according to Julie Shepard of the Adams County Emergency Management Agency.

Massive sandbagging efforts were underway Wednesday in Midwestern towns and communities all along the Mississippi, as flood waters continued to rise. Authorities rescued people by helicopter, boat and four-wheeler on Tuesday after the river broke through a levee in Gulfport. In the town of Quincy, Illinois, officials said they had done just about all the sandbagging they could do locally, but volunteers, such as Troy McNay, were still filling sandbags. "You know we're all in this together," McNay told NPR. "Something we can do here will help someone down the line."

-excerpt from NPR


Anonymous said...

I’m sorry, but am I the only one that sees the workforces moving the sand to another “staging” area from its point of origin before sandbagging? I see this as an unneccesary and time-consuming step when time is of the essence. Why not bag at the quarry/sand pit and move sandbags by truck from there??????

hank49 said...

isn't it odd that when Katrina hit all we saw on the tv was people sitting on their behinds (including the governor of LA) waiting for the 'guvment' to save them, give them a home and to take care of them....I'm not saying it did not happen but ya just did not see any locals caring enough to try to save themselves....now with the Mississippi River floods, all we see are people helping their neighbors, NO ONE blaming George Bush or homeland security..they are just working together to get cleaned up and to save whatever they can....I have seen none of the media reporters in hipwaders (or standing in a boat that is sitting in two feet of water like we saw previously) looking for a photo op, holding a baby or a little old woman in need or crying about what happened.....I wonder why?

Eric said...

just nature doing its thing, fertilizing the ground we need it to replenish most, who's complaining?

Dr. Ted Baehr said...

Liberals and socialists and Democrats are all whining and complaining, expecting "big Government" to come and bail them out of another situation.

Instead of holding out a hand for more social welfare, how about some of the responsibility that we Republicans have used for 200 plus years in building this great country? Get a shovel and dig yourself some sand-bags, and stop crying to a liberal "caregiver government" to solve your problems for you.

There is nothing wrong here that good, old-fashioned American-style hard work cannot fix. Young people today need to understand the value of hard work, honesty, and intergrety. Not waiting for the government or the National Guard (which is currently guarding other, harder-working nations like Iraq) to come in and do your jobs for you.

By God do I miss a President like Reagan, and his "if it's worth doing, it's worth doing yourself" philosophy that helped us defeat Communism in the 1980's.