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Thursday, July 3, 2008

state audit finds misuse of millions in daycare funds.

More than $1.5 million paid to city daycare providers was spent on things such as personal airplane tickets, cell phone bills and massages. That's according to the state comptroller’s audit of 55 state funded daycare centers.

Thomas Di Napoli is asking local prosecutors to investigate 19 of them.

DI NAPOLI: We saw some of this money clearly going for what were personal expenses. Paying for appliances, digital cameras, TV, a DVD player. Some money was deposited in personal bank accounts. The comptroller's audit also found the state paid more than $860,000 for new daycare slots that were never created.

The audit blames the Office of Children and Family Services for poor oversight. Agency commissioner Gladys Carrion says the problems preceded her and reforms such as training employees to detect fraud and reducing the number of contracts each case worker monitors have been put in place.

-excerpt from NPR

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