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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fresh Out Of College, But Can't Land Work

Morgan Oliver played by what she thought was the rules. The 23-year-old got good grades and earned her college degree. It hasn't yet paid off. Although she graduated last May with an expensive degree from Columbia College in Chicago, Oliver can't find work. She had a 3.82 GPA; a degree in art, entertainment and media management; and high, high hopes for what was next in life.

"I was excited about the job search," Oliver says. "I thought I wouldn't have a problem getting a job, so it was going to be fun to be able to find jobs and apply for them. I thought I might even have the choice to pick — I might have more than one offer." But after months of searching, her confidence is shaky. She's not getting interviews. These days, she rarely has the chance to impress anyone other than her boyfriend. They live together in an apartment on the North Side of Chicago.

-excerpt from NPR

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