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Friday, May 23, 2008

advice to stop PTSD diagnoses triggers probe.

More and more military veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are seeking help and compensation for post-traumatic stress disorder. That has created concern by veterans and others that the government could try to minimize the problem of PTSD to save money. An incident at a veterans' hospital near Fort Hood, the Army post in Texas that is one of the nation's largest military bases, has stoked that concern.

In an e-mail, a psychologist at the Olin E. Teague Veterans' Center in Temple, Texas, advised her staff to stop diagnosing veterans with PTSD to save money. The e-mail became public last week. The head of the Department of Veterans Affairs insists that's not VA policy.

The VA has refused interview requests about the incident. In a statement, Secretary James Peake characterized the e-mail as an isolated example: "A single staff member, out of VA's 230,000 employees, in a single medical facility, sent a single e-mail with suggestions that are inappropriate and have been repudiated at the highest level of our health care organization." The VA's inspector general's office is headed to Temple to find out if anyone higher up is telling the VA to "cool it."

-excerpt from NPR


quaint handmade said...

this is a very sad situation. i don't know what people are thinking when they play with people's lives like this.

i heard a statistic that the VA estimates there are 200,000 homeless veterans on any given night.

Alessandra Olanow said...

i agree - very sad indeed.

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