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Thursday, May 15, 2008

bolivian mission towns revive baroque legacy.

Deep in the tropics of Bolivia, a revival of centuries-old music is captivating crowds and creating the next generation of the country's classical musicians. At an international Baroque music festival this month, strains of Bach and Vivaldi are stirring in the same mission towns that the Jesuits established in the 17th century.

The festival takes place in an area known as the Chiquitania — a World Heritage Site that is home to the Chiquitano Indians, the original inhabitants of the region in eastern Bolivia. Its eight mission towns not only have restored their original churches but have reconstructed thousands of pages of original musical scores from the Jesuit period that began with the 1691 founding of the San Javier mission.Over the last decade, youth orchestras have sprung up in every mission in the lush, steamy lowlands, reviving interest in Baroque culture.

-excerpt from NPR

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