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Thursday, April 17, 2008

broncos and boudin: the angola prison rodeo.

It was our story King's Candy: A Prison Kitchen Vision that led us to the Louisiana State Penitentiary and the Angola Prison Rodeo. That Hidden Kitchen story aired in November 2005, a few months after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit. The Gulf Coast was reeling.

Alongside the rodeo, some 43 inmate organizations had set up food concessions, started doing some down-home cooking and sold their Southern delights to the hungry, hopped-up public.

The Lifers Organization had the snow cone booth. The Toastmasters made crawfish etouffee and boudin balls. The Latin American Cultural Brotherhood did shrimp po-boys. And the Angola Men of Integrity sold funnel cakes.

-excerpt from NPR


BradyDale said...

This is such a good project. I wish I were this disciplined. I've been thinking about this idea of doing some sort of "creative response to the news" thing for a while, too. For a bit, I was on this site, Utterz, and I'd often leave commentary on whatever I heard on NPR, but this is so much richer.

I discovered you because you linked to my blog, for which I am greatly thankful (I hope you could guess that I really do love NPR). Keep the cool work up! These aren't just simple sketches. these would take a minute! You have been duly added to my feed reader! --BradyDale

Alessandra Olanow said...

hey thanks for visiting and sharing!

Kerry said...

First - this is an awesome blog - your drawings are kick-ass.

Secondly - I heard the Angola Prison Rodeo story and was quite charmed.

Thirdly - Would you mind terribly if I added you to the blogroll at http://www.radio-sweethearts.com?