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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

ono sues over lennon video, documentary song.

Yoko Ono is going to court over John Lennon's legacy. Her lawyers face off Thursday in Boston against the lawyers for Ray Thomas of World Wide Video, which has almost 10 hours of videotapes of Lennon smoking pot and plotting to slip LSD to Richard Nixon. At the same time, she is suing the makers of the documentary Expelled for using part of the song "Imagine" in their film about intelligent design.

-excerpt from NPR


quaint handmade said...

i just want to tell you that i love your blog and read every one of your postings. i just haven't left many comments.

Stiggers said...

Inspired and very funny.

Regarding Yoko, for once im torn.

BAD - who on earth doesnt want to see that film? Such an antidote to todays shame videos.

GOOD - Somehow I dont think Mr Lennon would be down with the intelligent design crew. Nietzche felt a similar way about Hitler. "Hey! I didn't mean THAT at all!"

Alessandra Olanow said...

thanks for checking me out!

[Lucy] said...


makes me laugh.